In 2003 I started out as an art consultant with nothing but an internet connection, a vast reference library, a fancy business card and a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner: Joost Bergman. Since then, Bergman & Van Laake developed into a flourishing art consultancy company with a circle of loyal corporate and private clients. In 2019 Joost Bergman landed a curatorial position at Museum Beelden aan Zee and said farewell to the company. With a new name and website I am now full circle, but seasoned

Specialities of my advisory practice include the late 19th Century art and 20th Century Modernist painting and sculpture, both national and international. A personal passion of mine is Vintage Photography, where many uncovered gems still can be discovered. Needless to say I have always advised and bought contemporary art, a rather trendy market. But with a keen eye I have sifted out very early on artists that became sought-after at a later stage. Apart from serving private collectors and breaking the ice for first-timers, I have notably helped building the corporate collection of Allen & Overy, The Netherlands. An ongoing project that was recently chronicled in a lavishly produced collection book named “Come in, You are welcome” (2022). and a new website:

Edward and Nancy Kienholz The Fandango Black (1986)

Constant Sector New Babylon (1967)

Simon Moulijn, Boerderij (1896)

Piet Mondriaan Plate (1915)

Kawanabe Kyosai, Crow (1887)

Carel Visser Pyramide (1947)

Mivo Schor, Area of Denial (1992)

Kerry James Marshall Nude (Spotlight) (2009)

David Seymour Broken Doll, Naples (1948)

Thomas Houseago, Untitled (2009)

Leo Gestel Korenveld (ca. 1909)