Abel Rodriguez,terraza alta(2021)

After having seen the exquisite botanical drawings of Abel Rodriguez at a small group show of Colombian artists in Madrid in 2014, I was determined to trace the artist and see if I could stage a show in Amsterdam. After I finally established contact in 2016, it would still take us another year before I could convince Don Abel to do a show with us in Amsterdam. I wanted to shed a spotlight on the disarming and beautiful artworks and share our personal joy with a greater public. For the artist the main reason for the show was to spread awareness on his lifetime cause, the Amazonian Rainforest. Ever since we held the successful show at Christie’s Amsterdam, his star kept rising and many international group- and solo shows have followed. In the summer of 2018, following our Amsterdam exhibit, Rodriguez partnered up with Colombia’s most dedicated and social gallery, Instituto de Vision. For European representation and (institutional) sales, I still am his main contact, receiving and placing a fair share of drawings every year.

Abel Rodriguez, Exhibition, Amsterdam(2018)

Abel Rodriguez, ganagucha(2019)

Abel Rodriguez,terraza de centro(2017)

Abel Rodriguez, Teylers Museum (2020)

Abel Rodriguez, la maloka con frutales(2017)

Abel Rodriguez, vega inudable(2021)